DreamHost Promo Codes

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Dreamhost Review: Join the Family

Dreamhost is now home to many clients. From being a small company situated in Los Angeles and initiated by four undergraduate students in Harvard Mudd College, these former students teamed with the parent company New Dreamwork Network, LLC and made the biggest breakthrough possible in 1997. Now Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting companies that ever took the market by storm. They say that they are all about budget hosting for they give the most reasonable prices to their clients.

True to this fact, many reviews have said that their pricing scheme is the most reasonable one ever to take on the market. Beginning with $9.95 dollars a month for a one year subscription, you can get more discounts for $2.00 dollars less if you intend to subscribe with them as your hosting facility for 3 years. This is how they are unlike any other. They are more concerned with what their customers can afford rather than what they can gain. For that price, you are opened to a new portal of endless possibilities, one with many features for you to discover and explore.

When it comes to reliability, they have one of the most real-time functioning servers. Although there have been glitches in the past, they are now offering a more improved and more secured database. They give you a solid form of web hosting, where fast and quality work is never compromised. They do their best with 1,500 servers available so they never have to think again about a bogged down system. With them, your domains will never be compromised again.

Developing a custom web panel has been an experience of years of sweat and talent. Their web panel is totally unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Neither can it be copied or simulated in a similar manner for it really belongs not only to them, but to you, the domain users and makers. It is known in the industry as the fastest and most feature-filled platform ever to conquer the internet.

Customer support at Dreamhost is done in three ways; e-mails, knowledge-based forums and callback options. The first thought is sending digital messages to their support group which can be answered within 24 hours. Responding to e-mails is done with primary importance. The forums, on the other hand, are made by the staff and are written like a blogroll list and some in other forum set-ups. The last involves e-mailing the support team and asking them to call back the client at their convenient time.

In conclusion, Dreamhost offers possibilities which other web hosting facilities cannot. It is usually given an overall rating of 4-5 stars out of a possible 5 by users. With the features, friendly costs and the optimization of quality and fast work, surely there’s nothing else you can ask for.

Dreamhost is not just their dream but your dream as well. So journey with them, drive yourself into ambition and they’ll be there for you every step of the way. There’s no leaving anyone behind because they and you are a family.

Dreamhost: Just the Facts

Dreamhost is specifically set for web hosting. Under this plan you get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for $8.95 dollars a month plus various features that come with the plan. This is slightly more expensive than web hosting companies like HostMonster, but you get what you pay for.  You can then make an upgrade to virtual private server hosting with more additional features than ever imaginable. Lastly, you can get a strictly business enhanced plan which can cater to your business needs with multi-million hits daily.

All about Domains

But more than hosting, Dreamhost is all about domains. It is also about creating your own domain on the internet. Those who happen to engage in this domain registration are tagged as “the few, the proud and the privileged”. Why? It is because they are entitled to a couple of perks and advantages that can make their web experience a truly fascinating one.

Registering for a Domain

How can you register for a domain? It is as easy as visiting their site and filling out the form. Check your domain availability and then you’re set to make a new World Wide Web experience. You’re not ready for this? Just start filling out the form and give yourself a domain name. It is because with Dreamhost, hosting domains is their domain. Where else can you find the most up to date featured domain? Well, absolutely nowhere else but with Dreamhost.

Who Owns Dreamhost?

Dreamhost is owned by its employees who are a tight-knit family concerned more about caring for other people than providing hosting capabilities. They are a company that loves making life easier for people rather than thinking solely of how much money they can make. Being in business attire and wearing colognes in the office is not their style. They do work that they enjoy without being mere faceless robots.

The Mission

Dreamhost is tagged for going green. They are really carbon neutral. They have already calculated the impact on the environment from the work that they do every day. They know that paper, electricity and gas engines can be harmful to everyone so they find ways to minimize the consumption of all of those. At the same time, they found a solution of printing on both sides of the paper, turning off electricity whenever possible and traveling less. They are gearing their efforts towards using renewable energy.

A View of the Past and the Future

Dreamhost started out in 1997, hosting client’s dreams and web sites. With one Pentium 100 server called Destro, and using a T1 bandwidth which was lent to them, they are of humble beginnings. But despite limited resources, they aimed at giving the best service at reasonable prices and so the story of success began. They do have 1500 servers now that are 50 times more efficient than the baby Destro from before. Now, hosting over 800,000 web sites and with 70 full time employees, they’re much further than where they were before.

More than a promise, they pledge to take your business more seriously. They will always come out with the best hosting packages which will be a never-ending quest for them.  Join them in their journey into the future.

Dreamhost Hosting and VPS: A Dream Come True

Dreamhost is all about hosting your domains in various ways. The avenue for web hosting is never small for Dreamhost. If you’re wondering how large the hosting system of Dreamhost can be, then read on because Dreamhost encompasses more than just simple web hosting.

They have VPS hosting, which is simpler than you think. You can sign up immediately and they’ll be able to handle the rest. Unlike other typical shared hosting programs, you get to have a free trial for the first week without any extra fees. You even get a new whole root access, whether you need it or not.

The Virtual Private Servers can be reset to an available configuration pro-forma without loss of any data that you need. You also get round the clock live chat support with the protection of your CPU as well as memory power and no crazy waiting periods for long processes.

You can also transform your resource options quickly without needing to reboot it. But in case you need a reboot, you can do that instantly without harming your domain and server. You have an avenue for loading memory, graphs and statistics with their unique panel.

You have options for PHP5, which stands for hypertext preprocessor, a recursive acronym, enabling you to find resources in creating a dynamic web page. You can also improve performance on the Ruby on Rails system which stresses the fact of convention over configuration. This allows you, the developer, to edit your preferences only over specific unconventional applications without contesting the conventional ones.

With Dreamhost, you can run application systems like Tomcat and Mongrel and turn them into servers like Lighttpd and Nginx. Tomcat is a combination of Java Servlet and Java Server Pages for the collaboration of developers around the world. Meanwhile, Mongrel is a web server ideally for layering of other web servers with a web proxy or load balancer or both. Lighttpd, on the other hand, tackles power which is secured, flexible, compliant and fast. Lastly, Nginx is a faster and lightweight web server with the ability to handle the largest number of various simultaneous connections.

Dreamhost can help you control your VPS through an Application Program Interface which performs a set of routines, protocols and tools in building software types. MySQL VPS support system can materialize based on a uniquely customizable and tuned hardware providing the best and maximum database functions.

With Dreamhost VPS service, what else do you get? With the standard hosting package you get a web based account control panel, hosting on a solid foundation called Debian Linux, Perl support, unlimited bandwidth and a number of hosted domains, Whois privacy and an automatic click web applications software for easy installation. Dreamhost really does it all.

All of the really great options that come with the unique hosting packages are customizable to your whims at absolutely no extra charge. Please take note that unlike any other ordinary shared hosting, it doesn’t have a free domain registration as well as MySQL support system. In the case of the latter, you can have the following options. A MySQL VPS, a well run dedicated server system or a communal hosting plan.

Dreamhost: Illustrious History and Ongoing Upgrades

In 1997, four undergraduate students from Harvard Mudd College – Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil – got together and created Dreamhost under New Dream Network, LLC.  They began with a single Pentium 100 web server named Destro with shared bandwidth on a single T1 line.  Today, Dreamhost has grown to include over 1,500 servers, a full time staff of 70 and hosts approximately 800,000 web sites.

Dreamhost is particularly adaptable to the Linux Operating System.  They utilize Apache as their default Private Server but you do have the option of, on their Private Server network, accessing Nginx, which provides for faster upgrades and configurations than Apache.  In addition, Nginx uses less memory than Apache.  Therefore, PS Nginx users will be able to handle much more traffic.  Another Dreamhost PS option is Lighttpd, which is a very flexible web server that is secure, compliant and very fast.  It is optimized for high performance environments.  Lighttpd is used for heavy CPU-load functions and has a very low memory footprint.

There are also a plethora of upgrades that you can accomplish easily with Dreamhost.  As one example, you can get their 24 hour e-mail support as well as blog and wiki support, which comes free with every hosting plan. Then you can upgrade to their Premium Support package, which includes all of the basic plan’s support features in addition to 3 phone callbacks per month and unlimited live chat, all for $9.95 extra per month.  Another fantastic upgrade is particularly helpful for e-commerce websites.  You can obtain a SSL (secure socket layer) Secure Certificate – which requires a unique IP address – for a nominal fee of $15 per year.  In addition, Dreamhost lets you import your own SSL Certificate free of charge.

Virtual Private Servers are Dreamhost’s premium hosting solution designed for the ultimate control when it comes to how many server resources you use.  Their Linux-VServer allows you to have your own private server virtually while protecting your RAM and CPU from all other users for the ultimate in stability and security.  VPS is offered for as low as $15 per month and you can have more than one VPS running at one time.  In addition, you can also add or delete VPS services from your account easily as the need arises.

Newer upgrades have made Dreamhost easier to use than ever before.  In 2006, they introduced their new Files Forever feature.  Control panel account holders can pay a one-time fee to upload and store files permanently on their database.  Thereafter, even though you cannot delete the files from the system, you as well as anyone else you give permission to, will be able to re-download the files as much as you or they like.  Dreamhost continues to add applications and functions to their packages according to the needs of their customers.  This enables them to accommodate customers conveniently, completely and comprehensively.

Dreamhost started out as a little project by 4 undergraduates in 1997.  They started small but now host more than 800,000 web sites.  They offer exceptional features for their Private Servers as well as their VPS systems.  Upgrades are ongoing with Dreamhost to accommodate their customers’ needs completely.

The Dreamhost Specialty: More Than What You Need

Dreamhost is home to an award winning control panel. If you’re asking how this is possible, then read on and find out. Being a web hosting domain, their recently web designed domain is the fastest and most efficient control panel filled with various features. However, this does not complicate tasks. With CSS and Ajax technologies, it can be managed quick and easy. Written from the ground up by talented individuals, you can browse over a domain that is totally unlike any other in the world.

You can get your billing information, create or customize your MySQL databases to change your account, make e-mail aliases and a lot more than that. If you have further questions, contact their support system 24 hours and seven days a week to answer your questions through e-mails.

The web admin panel can be available anytime. Need it at 3 AM in the morning? Your POP account can be visited as early as that. You have a credit card that will expire? You don’t have to make phone calls, just login to the web admin panel and change your settings in a matter of seconds.

Still waiting for more features to be discovered? Well then, a few clicks here and a few clicks there can allow you to make additional features on your panels just by suggested them through direct customer feedback. This makes their panel the coolest thing ever imaginable.

The Dreamhost Wiki is just what you need. This allows the domain owner to create new articles and get up to date results of existing ones. Being community-editable, data can become more accurate, full or complete, and current than other almost similarly written web hosting domains.

The Dreamhost forum is another surprise. It tackles every issue or query related to the use of the Dreamhost program and a lot more. You can get help from web designers and trouble shooting and a few extras on the side.

If you’re looking for account upgrades then you’ve come to the right place. With $9.95 dollars a year, you can have an additional domain registration. Domain registration is the act of setting up your own domain name and having it accessible via the internet.

With an option to have a unique IP Address at $3.95 dollars a month, you can be guaranteed that no one else will share your domain name unless you want them to enter as part of your admin web panel customization.

Adding $9.95 dollars a month, you can have unlimited phone or live chat. Know that these callbacks are limited for US customer care support.

Virtual Private Network is another new item to jump at. Through this, you add two users to your hosting site. A VPN is responsible for connecting your main office with home and remote employees as if they were on the same local area connection. It will also encrypt your traffic systems to avoid breach of security between your office server and other locations.

So with every choice you make, do it with Dreamhost, simply because they give you more than you ask for.

Dreamhost: Making Promises They Can Keep

If you think Google is the number one search engine out there, then you might consider hosting your domain with Dreamhost, which is the number one application facility concerned with making your web site a total success. With only $8.95 dollars a month, you can create quality work and have Google Adwords working for you at minimal costs.

Dreamhost, beyond wonder, also drives you further into the web hosting system by offering the following advanced applications.

  • MediaWiki: Is a PHP oriented open source Wikipedia software given for free and designed to manage web farms that targets wide readership and gets millions of hits on a daily basis.
  • WebCalendar: A web-based application destined for making your calendar application stand out among the rest.
  • Advancedpolls: An online application which is simple, creative and flexible, allowing you to customize your page with free polls and then direct them on your website, e-mail or blogs and other similar sorts. Generally, the root word polls particularly mean a system where you can ask your website clients or e-mail respondents to answer a series of questions. Once clients log-in or subscribe to your account or RSS feed, they can now vote for particular choices.
  • Trac: As its name suggests, it is a tracking system designed for software development projects with a minimalistic web-based software efficiency system. Particularly initiated for developers to write great and unique software on their own or independently. In tandem with wiki markup, it makes descriptions and commits messages, making it available for seamless references and links directed between bugs, changesets, files, tasks and wiki pages.

When it comes to technical support, you really could not ask for more. Dreamhost offers a whole day and whole week Los-Angeles based technical support system. This means that support can be given 24/7 for free to all customers no matter what plan you decide on. You can contact supportdreamhost.com via their web panel. You are also given a chance to access all necessary information regarding your web history directly from your account so you can confirm your performance with them. No phone calls just send e-mails and after a few hours your issue is resolved. Dreamhost is home to the happiest customers worldwide because they take pride in their high quality support team.

With Dreamhost, you can enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee which credits your next invoice with a free one day hosting for one hour in case there are errors that were caused by our system. You can have as much as 10% of your hosting renewal fee returned in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Money-back guarantees are offered by others but in their case, your money-back guarantee period can count 97 days from hosting your domain with them. That’s a relatively long span of time by which you can get a refund to your credit card for the time you didn’t consume. This is a promise which will always last till the end unlike other service providers online.

Dreamhost Web Hosting: Features Galore

Dreamhost is a web hosting service that offers a wide range of features to users.  Established in 1997, this hosting service has become a favorite of many users with an extremely loyal customer base.  They are completely customer-based and will even send out informative newsletters and post essential items to their blog whenever it is necessary.

One of the best features that many users like is their completely customizable in-house web hosting panel.  This control panel is not an off the shelf control panel, such as cPanel, Dreamhost’s web panel offers all the same options that are available on cPanel but there are more options on the panel that cPanel doesn’t offer.  They include such things as support and billing right on the panel.  In addition, their 1-click installs seem to be easier to use and are updated more than cPanel’s comparable feature Fantastico.  There are also many goodies involved that are not available from cPanel, including streaming media tools.  You can install many scripts, free of charge, with their 1 click feature.  These include Gallery, phpgeview, Dotproject, Joomla, MediaWiki, AdvancePoll, the ever popular WordPress, Zen cart, Plugg, Moodle, phpBB, Webcalender and many more.  To set up a script, all you need to do is select the root folder installation path and provide the MySQL database login information.  It’s that easy.

Dreamhost though, does not support cPanel in its entirety.  What this means is that they do have an easy to use import feature that allows you to give your cPanel login information and they will import the site completely from the web hosting company of your choice.  In addition, they will do everything for you and set the old cPanel up into their Dreamhost web panel.

Another feature is their very popular PHP programming language.  PHP is a general purpose scripting language that is perfectly suited to web development that is server-side.  It can be used for client-side GUI applications as well as command-line scripting.  It can be used with many relational database management systems and can be deployed on most platforms, operating systems and web servers.  In addition, PHP, unlike Ruby, is designed to require less memory to run.  Essentially, this means that PHP is easier to deploy.  PHP offers many web application frameworks including those that are .NET and Java based.

One of Dreamhost’s most popular features is that it supports MySQL databases.  In fact, they offer an unlimited number of them with any of their plans.  Dreamhost offers MySQL, which in fact is a database system that operates under open-source Structured Query Languages.  They make daily automatic back-ups and your database disk usage counts towards your total plan disk limits.  In addition, you can access your MySQL databases remotely.

Dreamhost is essentially a web hosting service that offers a plethora of fully customizable features.  This includes an in-house web panel that has all of the features that the typical cPanel web panel offers and much more.  They offer and support many programming languages including PHP, which is a very popular scripting languages.  In addition, MySQL databases are completely supported by Dreamhost.